CELF RPA technique collection

CELF RPA technique collection introduces how to create RPA apps using CELF.
It will explain how to use CELF, and how to create an application that performs automatic operations such as opening files or sending emails or other various operations, using images and sample applications.

You can view each description page of the technical saples from the following link.

Download sample application

Download the sample app from the link below.

CELF RPA Sample Application

About sample application

The sample app consists of links to each page and unit of the technique collection and buttons for executing the corresponding sample app.



To use the sample application, you need to install the RPA Extension Option of the version displayed on the main page or a later version.
(The figure above shows the main page when RPA Extension Option 1.2.1 is required.)
See this page for how to install.

You can check how CELF RPA performs the automation by running the sample app and clicking the button.



In some samples, you may need to re-set the image search function to match your environment.

You can also see the contents of the sample apps by clicking the button on the edit view.


You can see how to make each sample with a step-by-step image in the corresponding section in the technique collection page by clicking on the title of the page.


Preparing to use the sample app

  1. Download the sample app from “Download sample application”.

  2. Log in to CELF and click import button to import downloaded “celf-rpa-sample.capp”.

  3. Open the “CELF RPA Sample Application”.

  4. Prepare the files required for execution. Click the file upload button.

  5. On the displayed, save “Technical_Samples.zip” with a name.

  6. Extract all files in “Technical_Samples.zip” and locate them into “C:Technical_Samples”.


Now you are ready to use the sample app. Each sample can be executed and its contents can be checked by opening the “Main Screen” sheet of “CELF RPA Sample Application”.

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