Playback of Recorded Operation

This will explain how to play back a recorded operation.

Playing back a recorded operation

  1. Record the operation.

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    Refer to “Record operation” on how to record.

  2. Click the “Playback” button.



    You can also play by pressing the “F7” key.

Change the playback speed

You can change the playback speed up to double the speed through the list next to the playback button.


Play with fast forward

By switching the mode with the fast forward button and playing it, you can remove the waiting time between operations and playback.


Repeat playback

By specifying the number of times played you can repeat the recorded operation.


Pause playback

  1. Click the “Pause” button that is displayed at the upper left portion of the screen during playback.



    You can also pause by pressing the “F7” key.

  2. You can resume playback by clicking the “Playback” button while it is on pause.



    You can also resume playing by pressing the “F7” key.

End playback

  1. Click the Stop button during playback or while on pause.



    You can also end it by pressing the “F8” key.

Operation of the shortcut keys that can be used in playing an operation

Operation Shortcut Keys
Start playback of operation F7
Pause playback F7
Resume playback from pause F7
End playback F8


You cannot start or end the recording while the operation is playing.