Recording of Operation

This will explain how an operation is recorded.

See also

Refer to「Playing back a recorded operation」on how to play back an operation that has been recorded.

Record operation

  1. Click the "Record" button.



    You can also start recording by clicking the "F6" key.

  2. Perform the operation you want to record

  3. Click the “End recording" button.



    You can also end the recording by pressing the "F6" key while recording is in progress.


    By clicking the "x" button or pressing the "F8" key, the recording will end without saving.

Cancel recording

  1. Click the stop button while recording is in progress.


Operation of shortcut keys that can be used in recording an operation

Operation Shortcut keys
Start recording the operation F6
End and save the recording F6
End without saving the recording F8


You cannot start playback or end the process while the operation is being recorded.


Saved recordings are only valid when the recording application is running. In case you restart application, please record again.