You can create an action set based on the contents of an operation that was actually performed or play a recorded operation through shortcut keys.

Creating an action set to reproduce the operation contents

  1. Drag the “Record Operation and Create Actions” action from the “Robot” tab and set it to the edit area.

  2. By checking off the “Record the movement of the mouse cursor” check button, the movement of the mouse cursor during the moments when there are no mouse operations, such as clicks, will be recorded.

  3. Click the “Record” button.

  4. Perform the PC operation that you want to record.

  5. Click the “End recording” button.



    If you want to abort without recording the operation, click the “Cancel” button.


Record and playback PC operations

  1. Drag the “Start Minirobo” action from the “Robot” tab and set it to the edit area.


    See also

    The recording and playing of PC operations are performed by Mini-Robo that is launched through this action. Refer to “How to Operate Mini-Robo” on how to operate Mini-Robo.