Add new extension

‘Add new extension’ is the delivered/sold action to add option in CELF. CELF can add new available action by registering extended option.
New extension is registered as the following procedure.
  • License registration
  • New extension registration

See also

Refer to Update the extension license. for how to update extension license.

Prepare to register a new extension

Make sure, you got this 2 items before the registration task.

  • .scurl file for license registration
  • Folder including manifest.mcurl file for new extension

Register license

  1. Open ‘Extension Management’ tab in “Manage” screen.
  2. Click ‘+Add new extension license’ button, and then select .scurl file for license registration.


  • When you register an RPA Option License, the “RPA license management” button will be displayed.
  • Refer to Check RPA license usage for details of the “RPA license management” button.

Add new extension

  1. Open ‘Extension Management’ tab in “Manage” screen.
  2. Click ‘+Add new extension button, and then select manifest.mcurl file in prepared extension folder.’
  1. Confirmation dialog for the registration is displayed. Click ‘OK’ button. When clicking, the summary of the extended option to be registered will be displayed in the dialog box. To register, click the ‘Add’ button and register.


By opening ‘Acton set setting’ dialog, Registered extension action tab, or action is added.

Check with the movie.

* Movie is available in Japanese version only.


  • You need system administrator authority to register new extension license or to register
  • There is another extension option not to have the license registration.
  • Contact to the publisher for the question about extension option license, or about extension option.

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